These are all of my tiaras, past and present. Enjoy!

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These two were made for a Moon Goddess Halloween costume in 2010. I was never really happy with either of them, and they were both scrapped:

Super old tiaras (I made these over 5 years ago). I kept these all those years, and sold them in the last 2 years on Etsy:

Old tiaras that were mostly scrapped, but one or two were made into newer designs. Quite a lot of them were made using real leaves coated in acrylic paint. The life span on these is probably a good 2 years before they get incredibly brittle. Overall, I've abandoned the idea of real leaves, but it is still cool to look back and see how my craft has changed since then:

And finally...the first tiara I ever made ever! It is a pink "kokoshnik." Each spike is made from silver seed beads that I hand "crocheted" with black thread. Each spike is then sewn onto a pink velvet kokoshnik-shaped tiara (cardboard covered with pink velvety material). Faux pearls line the top and bottom of the tiara. I remember this tiara took hours for me to make, but even now, I love how it turned out. I scrapped it maybe 5 years ago, but I made this particular tiara over 11 years ago. This was the beginning of my tiara obsession! Not a bad start:

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